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Berri Bridge Mural


The original Ngurunderi Dreaming Story Mural was commissioned in 1997 by Transport SA, now DPTI, and artist Garry Duncan was engaged to facilitate the project and mentor local indigenous artists Shane Karpany, Jason Karpany, Isaac Lindsay and Gladys Sumner.

The original mural was created on large slabs of creosoted Jarrah, which was generally resistant to termite attack (however apparently not in the Riverland). However after 20 years of weather and terminate damage, it was determined that the majority of the panels required replacement with more durable materials.

This 2017 community project involved artists Garry Duncan, Shane Karpany, Jason Karpany, Gladys Sumner who were original artists on the 1997 project.

The original design was adapted to become laser cut steel panels which have been placed at the entrances of the Ngurunderi Dreaming trail along the riverbank. A new design was then painted on bridge pylon, the site of the old mural, augmenting the original wing design.

Now that the mural is finished, Shane Karpany is keen to establish an indigenous group interested in becoming caretakers of the mural and extending the Dreaming trail further along the river

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